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Blue Loadout CS:GO/CS2 – Best 7 Picks for Your 2024 Aesthetics

In CS2, a blue loadout is often coveted by players as it gives you a very slick look in the game, thus making you take center stage. Whether you are going for a tactical or stylish approach, a blue inventory can always look good on the battlefield.

In this article, we will help you pick the best 7 picks for blue loadouts in 2024 to ensure your aesthetics are cool enough. From guns to gloves, we have got you covered with everything. Not only will we go through the 7 top blue CS weapons, but also how you can obtain them in-game.

7 Top Blue CS Weapons

If you are looking for the 7 top blue CS weapons, you are in the right place. Here is a list of them:

#1 Bowie Knife Doppler

  • Flavor Text: “Getting lost in its color can prove fatal.”
  • Added: 16 March, 2017
  • Quality: Covert
  • Starting Price: $649
  • Case: Spectrum 2 Case

The Doppler has an attractive blue color scheme. The knife’s blade has transparent, wavy patterns that resemble fog and is decorated with metallic blue colors. Moreover, the skin’s colors create gradient transitions by combining several indigo, purple, and blue tones. In addition, the handle is black, while the guard is painted crimson, giving it a supernatural look.

#2 P250 Undertow

  • Flavor Text: N/A
  • Added: 12 February, 2014
  • Quality: Classified
  • Starting Price: $34
  • Case: CS:GO Weapon Case 3

The P250 joined Counter-Strike almost ten years ago and has remained popular. Specifically, the pistol’s slide has a solid black paint job, while the remainder is painted with different shades of metallic blue. The pistol also has various-sized black dots painted abstractly. Moreover, the handle is decorated with a black insert. Interestingly, this skin is only available in Factory New, Minimal wear, and Field Tested. The color blue looks awesome in this one.

#3 USP-S Blueprint

  • Flavor Text: “Sometimes the best-laid plans go awry.”
  • Added: 24 May, 2017
  • Quality: Mil-Spec
  • Starting Price: $3.49
  • Case: Operation Hydra Case

The USP-S Blueprint has a design perfectly represented by its name. The pistol’s body resembles an architect’s blueprint and is unevenly painted in various shades of blue. The slide has a black paint job, and thin neon-blue lines draw attention to the weapon’s edges, giving the pistol an exclusive aesthetic and feel.

#4 Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption

  • Flavor Text: N/A
  • Added: 18 December, 2013
  • Quality: Classified
  • Starting Price: $74.37
  • Case: eSports 2013 Winter Case

The Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption is another extremely old pistol skin that has maintained its popularity because of its pattern. The pistol’s whole body is painted metallic blue, and a pattern of blue pixels serves as camouflage, making it one of the best blue skins in the game.

#5 AK-47 Frontside Misty

  • Flavor Text: “I like to work in the snow… it always leaves a pretty picture – Javier Alviso, Fist of the Phoenix.”
  • Added: 17 September, 2015
  • Quality: Classified
  • Starting Price: $8.58
  • Case: Shadow Case

This AK-47 skin has one of the game’s best blue colors and patterns. The rifle’s body is coated in black paint and has a white-and-blue design with wavy and curling lines. Carbon patterns on different parts of the rifle give it a rustic look.

#6 M4A1-S Blue Phosphor

  • Flavor Text: “Feeling blue?”
  • Added: 3 December, 2020
  • Quality: Classified
  • Starting Price: $750
  • Case: The Control Collection

The M4A1-S Blue Phosphor has an extremely distinct blue color that shines perfectly. It is instantly visible in the hands of an enemy or teammate. The rifle’s whole body is chrome, and it has a pattern of transparent, wavy lines that seem like blue smoke clouds. The pattern’s color scheme features gradient transitions between several shades of blue.

#7 AWP Sun in Leo

  • Flavor Text: “It’s going to be a rough month for your enemies.”
  • Added: 26 May, 2015
  • Quality: Industrial Grade Sniper Rifle
  • Starting Price: $22
  • Case: The Gods and Monsters Collection

This AWP Skin, like the hyper beast, is cheaper than most skins available for the AWP, but it is still popular because of its design. The blue AWP has a dark blue body painted with a blue zodiac map design accented with various astrological symbols. Meanwhile, the buttstock’s rear section, the barrel, and the scope are all stock.

How To Get a Blue CS Weapon Set?

Obtaining a blue CS weapon set is not hard if you look in the right places. Here are three of the best ways to get the blue skins of your choice.

CS2 Weapon Cases

CS2 weapon cases are one of the main sources of rare and desirable blue skins. During gameplay, these cases drop randomly to players but can also be bought from the Steam Community Market or other third-party sites. Each case must be opened with a key, which you can buy in-game.

CS Marketplaces

Steam Community Market is one of the busiest CS marketplaces where gamers buy, sell, and trade skins. It is important to note that Steam Community Market is the most popular marketplace since it provides an integrated platform for secure transactions.

By checking out these markets, you will find cheap deals and rare items that will enable you to equip yourself with the desired CS:GO blue loadout. It is one of the best methods for obtaining affordable blue skin.

CS Game In-Drops

In-drops are an exciting way of directly getting skins by simply playing the game. After finishing matches, players get random item drops, which may include weapon skins. Although the drop system is random, participating in weekly missions, events, and operations may increase your chances of getting the skin you want, including one of the most expensive skins.

Furthermore, maintaining a high rank and consistent play improves the chances of higher-quality drops, such as deep blue or dark blue skins.

Blue CS Loadout FAQ

Which blue skins are the most popular in CS:GO?

Some popular blue skins include the M4A1-S Blue Phosphor, AK-47 Blue Laminate, and AWP Medusa.

Are there any seasonal events that offer blue skins?

Yes, seasonal events and operations often introduce exclusive skins, including blue-themed ones.

Can I trade my skins for blue ones?

Trading is a common practice in Counter-Strike. Utilize the Steam Community Market or third-party sites to find players willing to trade their blue skins for yours.

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