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Blue Gloves CS:GO/CS2 – Best Picks for 2024 and How To Get Them 

Blue gloves allow players to make their character cool and set themselves apart from others in the game. However, many are often confused about how to acquire these coveted blue gloves for their loadout.

Here is a guide on the top 5 blue gloves in 2024 that combine aesthetics with rarity. It will also give you ways to obtain them through cases, markets, or trading.

5 Top Blue Counter-Strike Gloves

Counter-Strike’s vibrant universe is characterized by varied customization alternatives so players can portray themselves how they like, and gloves are no different. Of the many designs for gloves available, those with blue themes make a bold statement and come in different types.

Such factors as complex patterns and bright colors make these gloves enhance the player’s look while bringing some flair to their gameplay. Here, we explore the 5 top blue Counter-Strike gloves that have reigned supreme among all players.

#5 Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls

  • Flavor Text: N/A
  • Added: 16 February, 2018
  • Quality: Extraordinary Gloves
  • Starting Price: $385.02
  • Case: Revolution Case

The Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls have an inner layer of deep blue cloth and an outer layer of contrasting bright blue tape. As the name suggests, images of many skulls on the outer layer give these hand wraps an ominous appearance.

The float value range is from 0.06 to 0.80, meaning this skin is available in all conditions. Interestingly, abrasions start to appear from the minimal-wear condition, which increases, and the color becomes faded at extreme values.

#4 Moto Gloves Cool Mint

  • Flavor Text: “Combat has never felt so refreshing.”
  • Added: 29 November, 2016
  • Quality: Extraordinary Gloves
  • Starting Price: $235.38
  • Case: Glove Case

The gloves have a gray-blue color scheme and a geometric design adorning dark gray leather. Gray shell protectors are also fitted to the upper side, and gray-blue slots support the palm side. This design ensures the player doesn’t get sweaty palms and quickly takes down their enemies.

The float value confirms that these specialist gloves are available in all conditions. Minor abrasions start to appear in the minimal-wear condition, while the entire glove is covered in significant abrasions in values close to maximum.

#3 Sport Gloves Amphibious

  • Flavor Text: N/A
  • Added: 16 February, 2018
  • Quality: Extraordinary Gloves
  • Starting Price: $622.66
  • Case: Clutch Case, Revolution Case

The gloves’ top side is made of synthetic material with white accents and an abstract design in various shades of blue. Blue inlays strengthen the light gray synthetic cloth on the palm side. This unique pattern justifies the relatively higher cost of these gloves.

The range of float values makes these gloves available in all conditions. While abrasions are present in the factory-new condition, they become apparent at maximum values. Moreover, the color of the fabric also starts to fade.

#2 Specialist Gloves Field Agent

  • Flavor Text: N/A
  • Added: 3 December, 2020
  • Quality: Extraordinary Gloves
  • Starting Price: $169.92
  • Case: Operation Broken Fang Case, Snakebite Case, Recoil Case

These broken fang gloves, named after being released in the Operation Broken Fang case, are relatively recent as compared to other gloves. But they still compete for popularity with the OG gloves. In particular, this is because of their design.

The gloves have coarse blue fabric outside, with white-outlined rubberized inserts in blue and yellow, complementing the color scheme. Meanwhile, yellow inlays are used to accentuate the two forms of blue fabric on the palm side.

#1 Moto Gloves Polygon

  • Flavor Text: N/A
  • Added: 16 February, 2018
  • Quality: Extraordinary Gloves
  • Starting Price: $148.93
  • Case: Revolution Case, Clutch Case

The Moto Gloves Polygon aren’t the Moto gloves that Felix Riley uses, who’s famous in Counter-Strike lore. However, they remain trendy because of their unique design, which is also evident in their name.

These gloves have a blue background with a geometric design of polygons all over the gloves in different shades of blue and black. Crafted for precision, they have blue and gray inserts on the inner side, while deep blue protectors are on the outside of these specialist gloves.

How To Get Blue CS Gloves?

Here are the 3 best ways to get blue gloves in CS:GO:

CS2 Weapon Cases

The CS2 weapon cases are like treasure caskets containing different sorts of skins, ranging from common to rare. These cases can be received as random drops during play or bought on the Steam Community Market and other external websites. Each case requires a key to be bought in-game and opened to reveal its contents.

When you open such cases, there is always an adrenaline rush because you might get lucky with a highly sought-after piece. Players need to keep themselves posted on new drops by acquiring more skins through these weapon cases.

CS2 Marketplaces

CS:GO marketplaces are essential for players who want to purchase, trade, and sell skins. The most popular one is the Steam Community Marketplace, where players can securely trade between themselves. Additionally, many third-party marketplaces also offer a lot of skins at reasonable prices.

Therefore, these websites develop price rating tools as visualizers, trading offers, and payment methods secured for fair transactions across their platforms. When trading CS skins, it is important to be patient and keen about market trends, as they could easily give rise to perfect deals or swapovers.

CS2 Game In-Drops

Regular CS in-game drops for skins are available for players who play the game continuously. After finishing matches, there’s a chance for players that they may get a skin drop; its rarity, as well as worth, can vary significantly, though. Weekly mission participation, events, and operations increase their frequency and quality. Higher ranks and consistently good performance enhance the likelihood of getting more desirable loadouts and skins.

Additionally, exclusive special events offer unique drops that are not found anywhere else, making it possible to acquire different skins that would be impossible to obtain otherwise. In-drops create an element of surprise as well as a reward for playing games, thereby raising the excitement level of earning great skins by merely playing regularly.

Blue CS Gloves FAQs

How can I obtain blue gloves?

Blue gloves can be obtained by opening glove cases, trading with other players, or purchasing from the Steam Community Market and third-party sites.

Are blue gloves rare?

Yes, blue gloves are relatively rare and often come at a higher price due to their limited availability and high demand.

Can I trade my current gloves for blue ones?

Yes, trading is a common method to obtain specific gloves. Use trading platforms and community forums to find suitable trade offers.

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