MP7-VS-MP9-Difference MP7-VS-MP9-Difference

MP7 VS MP9 Differences in Counter-Strike 2024

The proper weapon is your key to winning in CS. However, when you have two similar weapons, such as the MP7 and MP9, it’s crucial to analyze the situation and choose the right submachine gun. These two legendary weapons offer different benefits and serve different purposes in close-quarters combat, so they are often picked by those who want to dominate such situations.

This detailed article will cover what makes the MP7 and MP9 unique and their specific stats. By knowing these distinctions among these submachine guns, players can choose wisely when picking their main gun to certify victory on the battlefield.

Pros and Cons of the MP7 & MP9

There are various pros and cons for both of these submachine guns that should be considered. Specifically, depending on what type of situation players find themselves in during matches, choosing the right weapon is essential. However, it would still best suit someone’s play style if they could weigh all these points before making any decisions between them. Only by comparison can you hope to dominate your enemies and have optimal performance.

When analyzing the pro scene, it’s unclear which weapon is better because pros prefer to use both in different situations. Like choosing the right assault rifle, the ideal submachine weapon can also change the game’s outcome and bring out that excellent gameplay you were waiting for in CS. Hence, considering the pros and cons helps you select the best firearm for yourself based on personal preferences and the skills you have in the game.

MP7 Pros & Cons

The MP7 is perfect for a fast-paced like CS. It fires at a moderate rate of fire and has a controllable recoil pattern so it’s great for low to medium range while being full auto. Additionally, it doesn’t miss at close distance thanks to its better accuracy in close-quarters combat. Moreover, it has more damage than any other SMG, especially with larger magazines. If you’re having anti-eco rounds, then buying this is worth it.

Nevertheless, despite being versatile, there are some limitations attached to using the MP7 in-game that players need to be aware of. For instance, its fire rate might not be as fast as those of other SMGs. Just like in real life, it’s quite heavy compared with most SMGs, which reduces agility. It affects movement ability, especially when playing at close ranges, where such factors matter most. However, these disadvantages do not matter if you use this weapon correctly.

MP9 Pros & Cons

One key factor about the MP9 is its crazy agility, perfect for anyone trying to be fast and get quick kills in close combat. With a higher rate of fire than other SMGs and a simple recoil pattern, it will win every time in close-ranged fights. Its small size and light weight make it even faster, ensuring you won’t get hit anytime soon.

However, players should be aware that despite being so quick, the MP9 also has some drawbacks. It doesn’t have as much damage as other SMGs at longer distances. Additionally, you better not waste your ammo because the MP9 doesn’t have big magazines, and you might run out when you need them most. These things considered, many people still go with the MP9 because they want to move quickly and fight up close.

Comparison between MP7 and MP9

Although these two weapons are SMGs, some key differences make them optimal in specific situations. Below is an in-depth comparison between the two weapons so you can make the best choice according to your gameplay.

Accuracy Comparison

The MP7 and MP9 are both effective at close range, with reasonable accuracy for an SMG at this distance. However, the MP7 remains accurate enough for longer distances, while the MP9 loses noticeable accuracy once you get past the medium range.

Rate of Fire Comparison

Regarding fire rate, the MP7 fires at an average of 750 rounds per minute, which is extremely fast for taking down enemies. However, as seen in the pro scene, the MP9 is faster than its counterpart, with a high rate of 857 rounds per minute, which is why pros prefer it.

Spray Patterns and Recoil Comparison

In terms of the recoil, the MP9 pistol and MP7 share similarities. Both submachine guns exhibit moderate recoil. However, the MP9 has a marginally less recoil than the MP7. This is why many players find it comparatively more straightforward to manage the MP9 during a rapid-fire scenario.

Damage and Penetration Power Comparison

If your opponent lacks armor, a single headshot from the MP7 or MP9 can eliminate them. However, the MP7 proves more efficient when facing armored opponents due to its superior damage output over time. While both guns are capable of firing armor-piercing rounds, the MP7 boasts better armor penetration compared to the MP9.

Ammo Capacity and Magazine Size Comparison

Both pistols come equipped with a 30-round magazine and 120-round ammo, ensuring players are adequately supplied throughout the round. However, when reloading, the MP9 takes the lead yet again. It boasts a significantly faster reload time, taking only 2 seconds compared to its competitor.

Long-Range VS Close-Range Combat

The MP7 is a good choice for close-quarters shooting, with rapid fire and manageable recoil. Conversely, the MP9 shines in close quarters due to its mobility, while the MP7 proves more effective in long-range confrontations with superior accuracy and damage output.

Mobility and Stealth Comparison

Both pistols are lightweight and convenient, yet the MP9 holds a slight edge. With its lightweight design, players wielding the MP9 enjoy a movement speed of 240 units, offering swift mobility even while running and shooting. In contrast, although the MP7 provides a respectable movement speed of 220 units, it falls short compared to the MP9, making the MP9 a more stealthy weapon.

Skins Comparison

The MP7 Urban Hazard is a popular skin among players because of its unique look. Specifically, it has a gray and black camouflage pattern with orange accents throughout. In addition, its float values range from 0.00 to 0.50, which makes it available in all conditions.

One popular skin in the CS community is the MP9 Ruby Poison Dart. As the name suggests, its aesthetic and color scheme match those of a poison dart frog. The float value ranges from 0.00 to 0.50, making it available in all conditions. Additionally, it’s priced relatively lower than other skins.

Price Comparison

The price gap between these guns is narrow; the MP7 costs $1,500, while the MP9 is $1,250. On a minimal budget, the MP9 becomes a better choice; however, if this is not a concern, then the MP7 is a more logical choice.

Which Rifle Do Pro Players Choose?

Pro players tend to favor the MP7 over the MP9. Its apparent superior damage output, accuracy, and versatility make it a preferred choice in competitive play, especially for its effectiveness in short—and long-range engagements.

MP7 and MP9 Differences Final words – Which Rifle is Better?

The debate between the MP7 and MP9 ultimately depends on your playstyle and preferences. The MP7 offers superior accuracy and damage output, making it a reliable choice for various situations. However, the MP9’s mobility and faster reload time can be advantageous in close-quarters combat. No matter which weapon you choose for your game, knowing which one suits your scene is the best way to go.

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