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Attention!! Scammers!! Don't trust any person on steam who claims he/she is daddyskins staff. We do not contact people via steam We do not contact people directly with any type of promotions/trades etc.

What is DaddySkins?

DaddySkins is a Digital Items Case Opening platform, which provides users gaming impressions and targeted to audience willing to have fun out of it.

Why should I play on DaddySkins?

You shouldn’t, however DaddySkins is one of the best in this niche due to very high win rate, constant updates with new features, and stable operating mode. Time-proven.

Who handles deposit process at DaddySkins?

Money deposits are fully handled by G2A Pay service, and we don’t have any influence on it. Skin deposits are fully managed by DaddySkins.

What play modes are available on DaddySkins?

We constantly add new features and evolve the project as our people want it. The most demanded features are: Case Openings, Skin Upgrades/Exchange, Skin Trade-Up (Contracts), On-Site Giveaways, etc..

What Digital Items do you use in your playing modes?

We absorb all popular trending Items which have interest of our community. At the moment we use CSGO, VGO modes for case opening, and plan to add few more soon.

Why do you have CSGO if you don’t deliver CSGO skins?

CSGO Case opening was a pioneer of Case Opening direction, and it is still one of the most saturated with weapon skins game. People just love all the skin variations and like the experience of unboxing them. Even though we are not integrated with Valve/Steam, and don’t deliver CSGO skins, we provide that playing mode for fun.

Why should I use VGO?

VGO achieves 2 main goals: 1) provides people additional type of skins for case opening; 2) gives people a way to withdraw their winnings out of our system, and re-use them as they wish. We are looking for alternative ways to take away the winnings which will be supported soon.

I have money in my Steam account, but the balance isn’t shown on DaddySkins. Why?

Steam Money is not appropriate for DaddySkins. Please fill your balance on DaddySkins directly.

I have filled up the balance but credit hasn’t shown up. What should I do?

Attention! Your payment may be delayed for 5-10 minutes. If your balance isn’t credited within the hour, please contact G2A support. Submit ticket with details of payment to Support System if you need additional information for G2A.

I can't sell an item because the pop-up dialogue window is blocked on this browser tab!

Close tab and revisit page. If that fails, clear the browser history and try again.

Before opening Cases

Be sure to check your account trade settings, otherwise our system may not be able to send you your items.

I have opened the case, received an item. How do I pick it up?

Go to your profile and click the "Send" on item of your interest, then click the "Get" button, this leads directly to the trade on Steam.

There is a "Temporarily Unavailable" note on the case, why?

The case / collection becomes unavailable if it does not contain all the items that are listed in the case / collection. Our system monitors the trade platform and purchases the missing items in real time.

When I click "Send" item, I get an error: "Unable to send the item”. Why?

Our system cannot send you item in following cases:

  1. Your account is blocked for trades.
  2. Check your trade-link in profile and trading platform settings – they must match.

If the problem persists, contact Support describing all details:

How does affiliate program work?

As a DaddySkins affiliate you can create a referral link specifying unique promo code. You get % of $ in balance on DaddySkins site from users making deposits, while applying your code.

How much $ in balance can I earn?

We have 5 ranks with profit % amount varied from 6% to 10%, depending at which rank you are. Your rank (and %) grows depending on amount deposited by your referrals. The more referrals and deposits you have, the higher % and profit.

How do I get profit and how can I spend it?

Users who make deposits using your link, will generate a credit to your balance and you just need to collect it by hitting Collect Earnings button. You can use your balance for opening cases and getting skins out of the site. Same as with regular credit.

What is the promo code for?

Partner promo code gives +5% to the deposits for people you have invited, and who applied it. Referrals can use one promo code at a time, but as many as he/she wants one after another.

How will my promo code look like?

Upon first logon to DaddySkins, you get a unique identifier for promo code, that you can easily change to any unused combination. Only Latin alphabet letters, numbers 0-9, symbols “-“ and “_” are allowed. DaddySkins is allowed to reset your code in case it’s already promoted by other party or for any other reason that we deem necessary.

Who is my referral?

A user who followed partner's link or applied promo code becomes your referral. The referral belongs to the partner, whose reference he’d used the last time before filling the balance. However, applying different code makes the user connected to another partner associated with it.

Does the user remain a referral of the partner forever?

Referral remains linked to a partner until he applies link or promo code from another partner.

Why don’t I get money from people I shared my link/code with?

This may happen either if the user didn’t use your link, or used partner link/promo code of another partner just before making the deposit.

I know some people used my code while depositing, but i still see zero earnings. Why?

Our partner program is built for influencers like Youtube video makers, streamers, etc, thus it is expected to be used appropriately. People with just a few referrals will not be able to see and withdraw earnings until they reach certain amount of affiliates. Even though it shows zero, the earnings are being accumulated and your affiliate gets corresponding cash back %.

I want to pay in skin. How to do that?

Now you have ability to update your balance using existing skin. Clicking '+' button, select Skin deposit option. In the appeared ' Your inventory' dialog, you can see which items may be accepted at the moment. Chose what you want to deposit and press a corresponding button.

Why is skin price while depositing lower than it should be?

We automatically recalculate it using commission fee applied. The price you see is what you will get onto your balance.

In the 'Your inventory' window I see just part of my skins. Why?

We have some rules for accepting user skins:

  1. Total item price with commission must be between $5 and $450;
  2. We accept skins which belong to mil-spec, restricted, classified and covert grade.
  3. We do not accept items which are fully filled in our inventory.

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